WinJSContrib.ChildviewFlyout (NuGet package)

To use this control, reference the javascript and css in your page or in default.html:

<script src="/scripts/winjscontrib/mcnext.ui.navigator.js"></script>
<script src="/scripts/winjscontrib/mcnext.ui.childViewFlyout.js"></script>
<link href="/css/winjscontrib/mcnext.ui.childViewFlyout.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Then declare the control where you want to use it :
<div id="childview" data-win-control="MCNEXT.UI.ChildViewFlyout"></div>

Now, you just have to set its content :
var childview = element.querySelector('#childview').winControl;'/pages/childviewflyout/page1/page1.html');

This childview is a subnavigation system, with its own history.
Within a page, you could call it like this :
var nav = MCNEXT.UI.parentChildView(this.element);

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