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Check WINJS Contrib on Github

Project has moved on github, source files on codeplex are not maintained any more.


WinJS contrib is a set of controls and helpers to ease and speed up WinJS application development.

This set of tools and utilities is provided to you by MCNEXT.

The goal of the library is to help enhance UI and performance of your WinJS applications, weither it is on Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.1, or any universal apps using HTML 5. The helpers provides realworld mecanism missing from WinJS like two way binding, a mecanism for using arguments in custom bindings, referencing functions from your markup and/or controls, and much more.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to go to the Windows store and install the samples application. It will walk you through the features available and you will be able to have a glimpse at the source code.

The next step is to go to the sources on codeplex, and to download them. The sources is actually the very same application that you could download from the store and much more.

You could  also look for WinJSContrib in NuGet, or have a look at the documentation.

The library works equally well on Windows and Windows Phone, and some parts have even been (quite happily) tested on Android devices through Cordova. and the wonderful Multi-Device Hybrid Apps extension for Visual Studio.

What can I do with WinJS Contrib ?

The library contains the following elements :


  • a replacement for the default "navigator.js" provided in WinJS project templates
  • a boilerplate custom control
  • a control for managing listview layout in your markup
  • extended splash screen control
  • progress indicator control
  • semantic zoom wrapper control
  • hub control with multipass rendering
  • grid control with multipass rendering
  • tab control
  • childviewflyout control
  • a control for wrapping listviews with grouping and semantic zoom
  • a control for flyout page in Windows Phone 8.1


  • parameterized bindings
  • show / hide
  • enable / disable
  • Images and background-images
  • date formatting
  • two way binding


  • a set of utility methods
  • EventTracker (manage event listeners release)
  • a search engine (full javascript !), with multi-threaded search and indexing
  • wrapper for background tasks
  • wrapper for contact API
  • wrapper for multi-views

 Download the app or the sources and run the project to see many of those features in action.

We welcome contributions if you would like. For the moment, we will do it the old-fashion way on codeplex. If the project gains community momentum, we may move the sources on github.

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